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Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy


Why Equine-Assisted Therapy?

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Horses are healing animals who can bring about change in a person with little effort. Horses reflect back to us what we are projecting to the world through our behaviors. 

The sessions consist of completing non-riding tasks with the horses as a skilled masters level therapist guides them through the healing process.

Why Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Chief Executive Officer

Animals can create an environment of safety where some clients don't feel safe. Sephira and Breeze, the therapy dogs are gentile companions who offer extra support in therapy sessions. 

Some clients lay with the dogs during the entire session as this makes it easier for them to talk more openly. Some help train the dogs to do new tasks which helps to build confidence. Sephira can be a bit anxious at times and it helps if the clients see how she comforts herself so they can better learn to self-soothe. 

 Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy is a form of experiential therapy when traditional therapy is unsuccessful.

Jacqueline is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor who uses her own individual model of equine assisted psychotherapy called The Icarus Model. She currently conducts research with colleagues to show the effectiveness of equine-assisted psychotherapy to improve her practice model.

Jacqueline has had over 25 yrs experience riding and training horses. She sees safety as the first priority as working with horses can be dangerous. She has been practicing equine-assisted therapy for over 12 years and has had many successful outcomes in fewer sessions than traditional therapy. Since she is an empath she is able to understand the animals and children in a different way which fosters healing and trust. She practices neurodiverse affirmative therapy with all clients. She is trained in clinical hypnosis which helps to reduce anxiety and fixations while promoting brain balancing.

The parenting program consists of meeting with the child/teen alone for 3 sessions and the 4th session is with the parents. This model of therapy has the fastest outcome because we partner with your parenting style to improve your child's behaviors and reduce symptoms. We also suggest proven parenting books that are easy to follow and provide real life examples. Jacqui ensures the family is involved in every step and stays in close contact via email in between sessions. 


Psychological Diagnoses Treated:


Attachment Disorders



Sensory Integration


Chronic Pain Support


How It Works


Horses are prey animals so they have to be able to read people's (predator) feelings in order to stay alive. In the wild horses read predator's feelings so they can tell if a nearby predator is hungry or not otherwise, they would not be able to survive. 

For example, if a zebra needed to replenish itself at a watering hole in Africa it would need to know if the nearby predators are hungry or not. Once the predators are full the zebra is able to go to the watering hole with little danger.

Horses are sensitive creatures so they reflect back what social signals we send as humans. This helps the client to know what messages they are sending to others and provides the client with some insight to help reduce their distress.

Horses are congruent animals and if a human is incongruent or faking an emotion (acting happy when they are sad) the horse will not let the human come near them. This incongruence sends off an uncertainty which could put the horse at risk so they withdraw.

Why Use Skye Therapy Solutions

Jacqueline Lauko (Johnson), NCC, MC, LPC is the founder of this practice.

Jacqui has been counseling children and young adults for over 12 years in Arizona, and has been working with horses for over 25 years. She started out riding for pleasure and then turned it into a career through offering riding lessons and horse training. Jacqui has been a member of several animal rescues since 2004 and has been studying animal behavior since she was in high school. Jacqui was initially trained in EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and has attended some Epona workshops. She is also a board approved licensed clinical supervisor who runs an East Valley Mental Health group for professionals. She has experience treating chronic pain in nursing homes. She was also the head social worker at the largest freestanding inpatient psychiatric facility. She is an empath which helps her to understand her clients a bit faster and really help them progress in a way that fits them best. She has a passion for treating people who have physical limitations due to a medical conditions as she herself has EDS which has impacted her ability to train and ride horses as often as she would like. She has overcome much of her limited mobility by utilizing positive psychology and homeopathic remedies. She is a fighter and refused to let this diagnosis ruin her passion to be active both riding horses, swimming and hiking. 

The state of the art facility is located in a private setting which includes 8-9 ft high block fencing all around to ensure as much confidentiality as possible when working outside with the animals. There is also a coded gate to ensure the property is secure and there are no unauthorized visitors. Jacqui personally designed the barn and arena to fit the needs of the horses and clients so they can be comfortable in all weather conditions. There is an air conditioned office and bathroom on site.

She sees healing as a holistic process which is why she consults with a team of naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists and personal trainers who are available for consults. She is trained in CMHIMP which integrates natural remedies and nutrition in treatment to achieve the desired results. Treating the entire body and ensuring everything is in balance is imperative to healing psychologically. Jacqui attends holistic healing trainings on an annual basis to stay current with the practice. Bemer (PEMF) therapy is also used in sessions for no additional cost. This therapy is used all over the world to promote stress relief, anxiety reduction and improved sleep. 

Jacqui developed a passion for working with children at a young age. She worked with Autistic children in the North Carolina school system where she helped to design a program for them so they could be integrated with general ed classes. Her dream was to incorporate children with animals as a way to heal from mental illness and life stressors. She is a passionate individual who will go above and beyond for her clients. Office hours are flexible to meet the needs of busy clients. Video sessions are also offered for established clients. 

Licensure: I am licensed by the Board of Behavioral Health in the state of Arizona LPC-15857. Please feel free to verify my license through www.azbbhe.us. 

Interview: http://voyagephoenix.com/interview/inspiring-conversations-with-jacqueline-lauko-of-skye-therapy-solutions-pllc/

As a young girl, horses helped me build confidence and determine what I wanted to do with my life. My horses have pushed me to overcome traumas and interpersonal struggles in my own life. I would like to share their healing power with others.
Jacqueline Lauko, NCC, MC, LPC

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