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Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Quicker Rapport Building

The counselor appears to be safe because the animals trust him/her so it is easier for the client to initially form trust.
Many problems can be fixed using the animals directly instead of pointing them out in the client and talking about them.

Animals Have a Calming Effect and Promote Spontaneous Change

Animals can divert attention away from anxiety which can give the therapist the chance to work with the non-anxious client which is much more effective.
Animals reflect back what the client is putting out there to others so they see a direct effect of their behavior either desired or undesired. This promotes awareness which is needed to change a behavior. Horses do this in a way that is non-threatening. 

Animals Help Maintain Focus 

  • Helps to teach us the here and now also known as mindfulness.
  • Helps to define healthy relationships.
  • Helps to facilitate natural and spontaneous change up to 6 months after the sessions have ended. 

Connecting With Nature Helps Promote Faster Healing