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Do I need a service dog or an emotional assistance animal?

Jacqui can help as she offers a one hour consult to help the client determine if an assistance animal (cat, dog, bunny, guinea pig) can benefit them. She will match them with the appropriate breed as well as trainer. 

How do I parent my child more effectively?

No need to be a current client for these parent coaching sessions. One hour of effective techniques you can implement the same day! Meetings are virtual or via phone. 10 min free consults available. 

What do I do with my out of control child?

Jacqui can help a family determine the best possible treatment modality for children

What to do with my out of sync horse?

With Jacqui's background as a horse trainer she offers guidance to owners on how to bond better with their horses and understand their language so they can become a great team. Serving the East Valley only. 

Mentor program for new equine-assisted psychotherapists or life coaches

-16 week hands on program with a year of follow up

-Must have horse experience for more than a year

-Payment plans currently accepted 

Group therapy

-Pre-screenings must be done prior to starting group

-Pricing is $85-95 per group in an 8 week package

-Group members are hand selected to ensure the group all has the same common need for development 

-Substance abuse and eating disorders don't meet criteria for group

Job Opportunities 

-Resumes for equine-assisted psychotherapists with their own horses are always being accepted. Competitive pay and guaranteed clients.